Britton Tree Services, Inc.




Company Philosophy


We teach our employees the science behind their work, so they understand how a tree will respond to each treatment it is given, and each pruning cut. We also train them in the physical skills necessary for accomplishing their work safely, so you can be reassured that your property is safe, and that the workers are knowledgeable.

Britton Tree Services, Inc. provides the highest quality tree care services available. Our goal is to prolong the useful lifespan of every tree we care for. We do this by maintaining a tree’s structural integrity and by enhancing the cultural environment in which it is growing.

Founded in 1976 by John C. Britton, the company is located in the heart of the Napa Valley. Britton Tree serves clients in Napa and Sonoma County and the surrounding regions.

Britton Tree guarantees client satisfaction. It’s written into every contract. If a problem arises for any reason, we take care of it as soon as possible, in an honest, straightforward manner.

The arborists at Britton Tree are well known for their expertise in tree care. They are knowledgeable, educated and thorough. And more importantly, they care just as much for your trees as you do. They understand the environment that trees need to thrive, and can help you achieve the ideal conditions for optimal growth.