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What you can do to prevent wild forests…


Fire season, many of us cringe just hearing those two words. This year it seems to have started early and many people have called us asking what they can do to protect their homes. Creating a defensible space around your homes is key and we are here to help.


A defensible space simply refers to an area around your home that is cleared of dead brush, grass, etc, decreasing fire risk and improving access of emergency crews in case of a fire. While the California Department of Forestry describes hefty recommendations, there are some less drastic steps you can take to establish a defensible space around your home. The most important, and first, step is to have a “check-up” of your trees. Like with our human health, these check-ups can avert and prevent many problems. During the check-ups, the arborist assesses the health of your trees, answers any questions you may have, and make recommendations on what you can do to enhance the health of your tree and reduce fire danger. Not only is having your trees checked on a somewhat regular basis (We recommend that you have your trees looked at minimum of every 2-4 years.) promote the health of your tree, it also gives you a record of maintenance you can provided to you insurance company in the event of an emergency. In regards to fire risks, the requirements for numerous insurance companies requires of a minimum clearance of 6 feet from trees to your roof. As a company, Britton Tree knows these issues and attempts to ease your insurance dilemmas, unless it is not in the best interest of your trees’ health. Given all of these, you really have nothing to lose by calling us for your free check-up!


We can protect our homes and neighborhoods by being proactive with the care of our trees in aiding our defensible spaces. If you are in doubt about the defensibility of your trees, please call us! The Napa Fire Department has an online tool ( that is very helpful. And remember; only you can prevent wild fires!